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New Easy way Diy Decorate Your Phone case and kit 2020

Phones are expensive and worth protecting, but with what? Store bought cases can be bland and uninspiring. Beautiful phone cases can cost more than you’re willing to spend.

While some courageous souls might opt to go caseless, we’re all about skinning your device with a DIY phone case. No matter your level of crafting, you’ll be able to find a case here that is both affordable and entirely do-able to recreate.


Marbleize a Clear Case

DIY phone cases
Lovely Indeed

Have you ever tried to marbelize your nails? This DIY project is much easier to recreate without a huge mess. To make this phone case, drop nail polish in a bowl of water and swirl. When the marbling on the surface of the water is to your liking, dip the case. For best results, use three complimentary nail polish shades.

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    Cross Stitch a Fun Pattern

    Cross Stich Iphone Cases
    Purl Soho

    Want a case that will be the subject of conversation every time you’re caught on your phone? Add a little thread. This project is a smart way to combine the age-old craft of cross stitching with modern technology. The best part is that the options are limited only to your creativity. To make this DIY phone case, first purchase a blank cross stitch case. Next, create a design on your own or look up smaller scaled patterns to follow.

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    Add Bold Patterns With Washi Tape

    DIY washi tape phone case
    Chronicle Books

    For a bold and contemporary phone case, add some geometric details. To do this as simply as possible, use tape. Washi tape is still a popular way to add fun details to craft projects relatively inexpensively. To recreate this look, head to your local craft store and pick up three different colors or patterns. If you’re having trouble, look at color palettes online to get inspired.

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    Cover Your Phone With a Bohemian Tapestry

    DIY tapestry phone case
    Always Rooney

    All day texting can be hard on the hands when your phone case is hard and has blunt edges. This DIY case adds a soft and thick piece of tapestry to the back, which will make the phone much more comfortable to hold.

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